Set in a beautiful quiet place amongst private family property and surrounded by flowers, olive and orange trees. Pavlos apartments areDSC00029 located next to a river and very near the sea, and can offer you every comfort. Just 2 km from the centre of Paleochora and also Anydri beach – the well known “Yaliskari”, it is the best place to relax and enjoy the natural environment away from the noise and the traffic of the center of Paleochora.

All our Apartments have kitchen, bathroom and extra bed downstairs, with the main bedroom upstairs, comprising a double bed and a balcony to the riverside or the gardens. There is also a balcony downstairs from the kitchen and living area. We also have a two bedroom apartment where each bedroom has its own balcony. There are two bathrooms, and a feature of this apartments is that from the second bedroom at the top of the spiral staircase you can enjoy the sea view.

From our apartments you can take many beautiful walks. For example, you can walk to Anydri village about one hour away, pass through the Anydri gorge, and reach the most famous and beautiful beach in the area called ‘Yialiskari’ with its Kantina ‘Paradise’. From there you only need twenty minutes to come back to our apartments.


Another tour is the walk from here to the town of Sougia and the archaeological site of Lissos – a 4.5 hour walk by the seaside. You can swim in ev

ery little cove and beach on the way. Finally you can spend some time in Sougia and take the boat back to Paleochora in the afternoon.

For all your daily requirements whilst staying at Pavlos apartments it is also nice to walk into the centre of Paleochora just twenty minutes away.