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Emmy van Meir

Hello The Best Spinner, bye bye dissapointment...

After a year of struggling to be noticed out there and gain enough traffic towards my site, I was pointed to The Best Spinner by my new coach. And there they were: my readers and future costumers.

Before I had to ask colleagues for guest posts and backlinks and the answers were often disappointing,, while a lot of them are very self-absorbed. I spend thousands of dollars for workshops, courses, and tools to find the solution in this $47,- a year tool. Unbelievable.

I can use this timesaver to show my full potential. I even have time now to set-up my second great site.

Love this tool and recommend it to everyone who wants to earn a decent income online.

Have a great day,


Emmy van Meir

Hatem Shaheen

Easy to use yet very powerful...

I used some other spinner software and to be honest, the 2 main competitors were doing very well.

But when it comes to TBS, it's another story...

First, the support team is very helpful and ready to answer and resolve any issue with the software, really they are awesome.

Second, the software itself is very powerful, and loads fast and works smoothly. It comes with about 27 of video tutorials which are very important because they reveal all the secrets and show you the maximum power of this amazing tool.

I was disappointed in the first hour of using the software because I wasn't accustomed with it yet as I was with other tools, but after watching these tutorials, I really was amazed with it and realized it really deserves more than it's current price.

Hatem Shaheen

Wallace Dobson

The greatest spinner...

I use the best spinner to write article for my blog network (pbn) to support my website.

Mostly I do that using the quick spin function so I can get really good spins that make sense, all from one article.

So glad I found it!

Wallace Dobson

Helene Martin

There's noting compare to the Best Spinner in the Internet...

I have the Best Spinner software and it miraculous what it can do.It is a must-have software.You are in the industry of writing articles, blogging or press release writing email.For example, if you are an affiliate, often the seller provide pre-made email you can use, but everybody else has the same. So you take the Best Spinner and BOOM you got a brand new email.I use it for all of my blogs because I have more than one.I write English and French languages as well.The Best Spinner do both and plus.It's very fast you can do a 500 words spin articles in less than 15 minutes all proofread. Get it! enjoy!!! why working hard, when you can just relax and let software work for you. Helene Martin

Helene Martin

Dan Iulian

The best spinning content software ever...

Hello, I want to say that this tool is amazing,creates quality and unique content and more important this content seems to be loved by search engines because my blogs rank very well and sure. I recommend this tool to everyone involved in internet marketing. Thanks,Jon Leger!

Dan Iulian

Terry Burrows

Thank you 'The Best Spinner'.

'The Best Spinner' is a huge time saver when it comes to creating unique content. Their in-depth database has allowed us to create content on demand for a variety of reasons, such as blog posts, profile pages, citations and much, much more.

I am so happy that I found The Best Spinner, it is an excellent piece of software that I plan to use for long-term content creation.

Terry Burrows

Cesar Carsolio

The most powerful tool I have ever used...

I work in Mexico City and as a web designer this the best tool I have ever used because it helps me to have better contents in my texts and it is also very useful with articles in Spanish.

If you handle a lot of web pages from your customers or from yourself it is really the best program that you cand find.

I do really recomend it.

Cesar Carsolio

Daniel Westrop

It's called the the BEST spinner for a reason!

I have to say TBS is one of the best tools out there and it was the best $47 that I've ever spent!

I use TBS on a daily basis and I don't know what I would do without it, it's easy, fast and so simple to use, I would recommend it to anyone!

The best spinner allows you to do automated and manual spinning and that's why I love it, anyway better go I've got some more article spinning to do!

Daniel Westrop

Bagus Satwika

The best spinner is a must have item for you...

Thanks to the Best Spinner - an easy to use tool - I'm now more productive.

Easy to use, simple, fast and The Best in my opinion!

I've ranked number one for many keywords using TheBestSpinner.


Bagus Satwika

Paul Boyce

I'm Back....!!!!

I have used the Best Spinner for years!! Off and on for various projects. It is simply the BEST!

I stepped away from content delivery and outsourced any needs of the past few years.

But I just started a new company and as I do with most, I treat it as my baby and go hands on.

I took a peak at what else was out there, but who am I kidding? Go with what you already know is the BEST.

No hidden issues.

The Best Spinner is just that and it is tried, true and proven.

Look no further.


Paul Boyce

Bashir Elsawahli

The best spinner is simply a must have...

A big thanks you to the Best Spinner, an easy to use yet very effective software that produces results.

Not only is it easy to use, but you really start noticing the time you start saving, time that you can spend doing other things in life such as enjoying yourself.

The highlight for me though was after one week of using the best spinner; I started seeing results in my rankings.

For certain keywords I ranked number one and for that I am grateful to the "king" of spinning software.

Thanks Again,

Bashir Elsawahli

Bashir Elsawahli

Kyle Kostecki

The Best Spinner Rules!

I been using The Best Spinner for about 2 years now and it has increased my blog traffic and has got me several number one Google rankings!

Kyle Kostecki

Nir Levi

Hands down deserves the name "The Best Spinner"...

After trying literally every other Spinner out there including the major "brands" I always come back to TheBestSpinner.

It's FAST! and I love speed, It is reliable, it simply gets the job done.

I am using it to rank in the most competitive niches out there and the quality that it is giving me is better then other more expensive solutions out there.

I love it!

Nir Levi

Jeff Wald

Fitness Frenzy!

Thanks so much for the Best Spinner!

With so many health and fitness articles out there, trying to compete with them and drive traffic can be pretty hard. But thanks to the Best Spinner, I'm able to reproduce my quality content and rank much higher.

I’d looked at several others but nothing beats the Best Spinner.

We’re excited to be using the Best Spinner to help get the word out even more about our Free 5 Day Health & Fitness Tips Video Boot Camp as well as the Beachbody documentary that we’re featured in.

Thanks again for the great product!

Jeff Wald

Mark Aucamp

My Second year of Using The Best Spinner...


I have just come to the end of my first year of using both 'The Best Spinner' and another well known spinner which will remain nameless.

I have to say that The Best Spinner came in as a Five Star General and the other spinner was sent packing back to the front-line.

And I just renewed my subscription to TheBestSpinner again.

Keep up the good work and the improvements

Mark Aucamp

Mark Aucamp

Mark Morphew

It really is The Best Spinner!

I've tried quite a few of the article spinners out there, but nothing does such a good job as The Best Spinner.

The user interface is clean and un-cluttered and I actually enjoy using it to spin. Spinning used to be a chore but The Best Spinner takes the hard work out of spinning.

Keep up the good work guys!

Cheers, Mark

Mark Morphew

Michael Sherriff

Saves me time and money...

The Best Spinner has to be one of the best investments anyone can make when it comes to saving time with content creation.

Using TBS I can write one high quality article and manually spin it to create 100's of unique versions of the article and achieve over 70% uniqueness.

With this one spun article I can use it to create 100's upon 100's of tier one links and that's worth a lot of money plus a huge amount of saved time.

I've used other content spinner software and TBS beats them all by a mile.

This software gets my highest recommendation.

Michael Sherriff

Barry Bada

A great tool to have in my arsenal, and truly "The best spinner"...

As a webmaster I am always in need of fresh and relevant content for my many websites. In the past this meant long hours writing article after article - then trying to make subtle chances to each articles in order to be able to submit it to multiple locations without risking a duplicate content penalty.

Thanks to The Best spinner I am now able to write 1 article and then spin it as many times as I require, enabling each spun article to appear to be unique and pass Copyscape scrutiny.

I would just like to say thanks for producing this really helpful software that actually lives up to all its promises.

This is definitely in my top 5 toolset.

Thanks again

Barry Bada

Shoeb Siddique

Never believed it, but it is true...

I have never used any article spinner software before. I came across your software from one of my sources. On his recommendation I purchased it and after seeing the result, I was totally stunned.

I never thought that a software program could give such a result. It really surprised me. This is best thing that happened to me in terms of content!

I can create a unique article of around 500 words in around 15-20 minutes. If you use it smartly, you will get best out of it.

I am happy to have it and really thankful to the Best Spinner team for creating this innovative program. Good luck for your future innovations.

Shoeb Siddique

Shoeb Siddique

Lee Cassam

Very easy to use and gets the job done.

I have been looking at several spinners and The Best Spinner won. It is extremely easy to use, the UI is not as cluttered as in some others, while still keeping all of the functions.

The best part is that it integrates with most of the other applications I use which saves me even more time.

A great tool to have in my arsenal.

Lee Cassam

Rolf Olsen

The Best Spinner Is A Fantastic Tool...

The Best Spinner is the most fantastic tool I have ever used.

I have quickly generated hundreds of unique versions out of just a few sentences, or just a couple of written articles. I have only just started using this amazing tool, but it gives me exactly what I want to drive monster traffic to my website.

This is "A Must Have" Tool.

Highly Recommended!

Rolf Olsen

Adelia Gamedov


I started using Best Spinner recently and the results are amazing.

This tool is definitely very useful for any serious marketer who wants to have high quality unique articles on their website.

Love this tool, Adelia

Adelia Gamedov

Lucius Ockhuzien

Time saved using the best spinner...

Since I started using the best spinner I was able to post twice as many blog posts as before. I get to save a lot of time as well with the Best Spinner. The depth of synonyms that it provides you with it is amazing.

It is all in the name. The BEST SPINNER. That name says it all. I would recommend this program to anyone intending to write a lot. Even if you don't like writing the Best Spinner has something for you in store as well.

Thanks a lot for this program Jon.

It is innovative.


Lucius Ockhuzien

Tony Brayley

You've Bought Me Over 2 Hours A Day!

Hi Jon, I wanted to shoot you a quick note about my experience with The Best Spinner. Basically, I am accomplishing way more every morning now. Before I broke down, and bought your Spinner, I was spending roughly two and a half hours every morning, composing or re-writing articles.

Now, I use your Spinner software and crank out an article (based on one I wrote a couple weeks ago) every morning in a couple minutes.

I am so impressed with the intuitiveness of the program, and the extent of the thesaurus. Finding a spinner that can understand most of the "context" is a rarity. Yours achieves this, and I am grateful for the extra couple hours I've got each day, that I didn't have before I found your Spinner!


Tony Brayley, Brampton, Canada.

Tony Brayley

Gladys Laird

A Best Spinner User...

The Best Spinner tool is the greatest thing next to candy. It helps me create that perfect blog, post, article. It is awesome and I am so glad my coaches led me to your site.

Thanks, Gladys Laird

Gladys Laird

Searom weldegiorgis

The Name tells it all...

I recently launched few sites in different niches and have been researching SEO tools to help me with IM efforts.

I found out that a lot of people talked highly of The Best Spinner, so I decided to try it. I loved everything that this software has to offer, but especially the advanced spinning option.

I bought the yearly subscription and I'm happily "married" to it ever since :) LOL!

Searom weldegiorgis

Bill Rindom

The "Best Spinner" is truly the best Spinner...

I have tried other spinners but the BEST SPINNER is in a league of its own. It can give you completely fresh content.

One of the things that makes The Best Spinner such a solid tool is that its synonyms are human generated. The Best Spinner also replaces entire phrases, which will help to make your articles even that much more unique.

That's what search engines are looking for.

The Best Spinner is very simple to use. You'll simply enter your content, and get underlined suggestions on what words or phrases that you could switch with synonyms, and then you can choose which of those words you want to create alternative words for.

The Best Spinner is the *only* spinner to use - there is no 2nd place.

Bill Rindom

Crystal Kauffman

Easy to use and does a great job!

I started using the The Best Spinner a couple of weeks ago and right from the start it was extremely easy to use.

I run all of my blogs through The Best Spinner and it does an excellent job! I'm so glad I found this tool!

Crystal Kauffman

Alex Leigh

When used correctly, it's a productivity god-send!

There are a number of ways that people use spun articles.

One is that they can be used for particularly spammy link building tactics where you can use automatic features to spin an article within seconds and distribute the variations to whatever sites you like.

There is also the method of taking time to "spin" your article; replacing paragraphs, sentences and words with other variations which make complete sense within the context of the article, but at the end of it provide you with articles which are fantastic to read, make contextual sense and can work well whereever you wish to deploy them.

Think of it as extending the reach of your fantastic article, without suffering the penalties that you may normally suffer for doing so.

Now this process takes longer, but before Best Spinner, I was doing this by hand - I can get pretty similar results as I was by hand by using The Best Spinner whilst saving an obscene amount of time in the process.

The Best Spinner allows you to use both automated and manual spinning methods. I wouldn't advocate the former, but if that's what you want, the tools are there for you to do it.

However, where I feel that the Best Spinner excels is allowing me to produce many high quality articles (which can be tailored to a particular site or context) that I can deploy and reach my maximum target audience.

The synonym ability is top class, as the GUI provides clarity when nesting multiple paragraphs, sentences and words.

When used with good intentions, I really would recommend the Best Spinner for boosting your audience reach and getting the exposure your articles deserve.

Alex Leigh

Bill Behr

Big time saver!

I'm just starting out with The Best Spinner, but already I can see this is going to be a big time saver.

I love how easy it is to use and how powerful it is to produce great content.

Thanks for a great program!

Bill Behr

Jan Koch

Increase your efficiency!

With The Best Spinner I was able to increase my efficiency in article writing and submitting by about at least 200% !

If I want to submit my articles to different directories and platforms I no longer need to rewrite them manually. I just define the synonyms I want The Best Spinner to use and generate my different versions.

After a manual check of the texts and some very few corrections, the articles are ready to be published!

The Best Spinner is really accurate in text spinning. I don't know how this works in technical detail, but I don't care either, if it keeps this level.

Thank you for making my daily work life easier!

Jan Koch

Anthony Manly

Taking Care of Business...

Awesome tool that will beat the Penguin slapper.

Exceptional tool to spin your best content and re-post to your feeder sites.


Anthony Manly

Anthony Manly

David C. Weber

Without the Best Spinner, you are just spinning your wheels...

I've only been working online for 30 months, at the time of this writing.

I will soon be 58 years old and I had absolutely no prior computer skills when I started working online. I'm only telling you this so that you understand just how user friendly The Best Spinner really is!

I am terribly challenged working online, even when it comes to typing, I'm like all thumbs. But The Best Spinner is exactly that, "The Best Spinner".

There's not a whole lot more to say really, unless I start talking about how to use the Best Spinner and the user friendly design of the software itself, as well as the complete video tutorials library.

Bottom Line is this, I have used S.Rewriter, M.Submitter and just recently I used a very popular Wizard of some kind.

I'm not going to mention the whole name of any of these other tools, although anyone who works online regularly knows exactly who I am talking about!

None of those products did the job this software does.

Thanks for letting me share about this awesome product!


David C. Weber

Zarah Pimentel

Indeed "The Best Spinner" In Town...

Hi Jonathan,

The Best Spinner is living its name - it is indeed The Best Spinner.

It has everything you need in a spinner and much, much, much more! I totally love how user friendly it is and the great output it provides.

I will not rely on any other spinning software - I am a solid TBS fan! :-)

Zarah Pimentel

Yelena Campbell

One Program, A Few Clicks, Too Easy!

I'd used Jon's Instant Article Wizard from 2009 and never could be thankful enough to this brilliantly implemented idea.

When I started internet marketing, all the resources recommended starting blogging, writing articles and landing pages.

Well, that sounds great but here came my dilemma … English is my second language and how can I attract the visitors to the site with the proper grammar, spelling etc?

When I discovered The Best Spinner, I was in heaven. Two "Must Have" programs: Instant Article Wizard and The Best Spinner.

Spend your time creating leads and making money, not on writing the content. The most excellent service and the greatest quality tool.

Thank you for making my life easier and leading traffic to my sites.

Yelena Campbell

Seb Brantigan

Awesome software! So simple to use.

After purchasing The Best Spinner, I saw the potential straight away - convert any article into hundreds of unique versions within minutes.

It's pretty revolutionary and is truly essential to simplify ranking in the search engines AND saving time spinning articles due to its ease of use.

Manually spinning your content, even with free spinners, can take at least half an hour and it'll give you a headache for sure. I can safely say this will never be an issue for my team and me, thanks to The Best Spinner.

Just wanted to finally say that this tool has saved me endless hours, and simply allowed me to get on with SEO and GET RESULTS. It's the spinner of all spinners, thank you so much!!

Seb Brantigan

Bruce Van Horn

Spinning the Marathon of Life...

Life is a marathon and I blog about running and life and all of the ups and downs experienced on the journey.

The BEST SPINNER has saved me a ton of time now that I don't have to manually rewrite my articles every time I want to submit them to a new site or directory.

I was very skeptical about the product at first, but I bought it based on the recommendation of Pat Flynn. Pat was right--this really is THE BEST SPINNER! Thanks for making such an awesome product!

Bruce Van Horn

Philip Alex

The Microsoft of Article Marketing...

I was very skeptical about buying a spinning program, but from the moment I started using The Best Spinner I realized that I'd made the best choice possible for my online success.

What I love the most about it is that you have a ONE CLICK EVERYTHING. That saves me a lot of time when it comes to building links for many niche sites.

The time I needed to get my sites ranked has been literally cut into half.

Awesome product, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to speed up their link building which as you know is very important for high rankings and traffic.

My only regret is that I didn't get this software sooner.

Thanks Jon, and keep it coming with these kinds of tools. They're the best!

Philip Alex

V K Rajagopalan

The Best Spinner Has No Competitors...

The Best Spinner, as the name suggests, is truly the best spinner software that I have so far used.

After trying so many different spinning software pacakges, as well as online spinning services which are also exorbitantly priced, I have now been extensively using The Best Spinner for the last 2 years.

I have realized that it is not only very affordable but it is extremely handy in any type of complex spinning situations.

Long Live The Best Spinner!

V K Rajagopalan

Julian Cox

Amazing time saver...

I enjoy digging through the public domain and finding old books filled with great quality content on health and nutrition. Before the Best Spinner I was going to just settle with making a few minor changes to the works but now I have the power to completely alter an entire book.

PLR material is great but what an amazing way to create your own book all thanks to free public domain content.

Thanks to this wonderful product I can spin entire chapters and then just do the leg work of editing and making sure every thing flows.

This product is helping me tremendously considering that I plan on publishing ebooks as a means of additional income.

Julian Cox

Christopher Johnston

Super Easy Article Spinner...

I've had my share of spinners and some that were pretty good with the submission aspect of the process.

This spinner wins hands down for the creation of spun articles. I definitely don't have to worry whether I have created a good article with this software. I have never been able to go to deep when spinning before.

I don't think you could improve this much. Thanks!

Christopher Johnston

Peter Budd

Highly Recommended Product...

Hi Jon,

I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful piece of software and the tutorials that come with it. I only purchased it a few days ago and still have a lot to learn from it, but I'm very impressed with what it can do so far.

I only had about half a dozen unique articles before I got The Best Spinner, but in a matter of minutes I had spun another half a dozen of each of those articles just from copying and pasting the originals into the program!

I had already purchased Instant Article Writer and combining the two of them is going to make article writing so much easier for me, which means more time available to promote my site!

Thanks again.

Peter Budd

Ugo Okonkwo

Off To A Fantastic Start...

My favourite part of the best spinner is the manual - really!

I expected to find a very long (or very short) boring and badly written difficult to follow document, but I was very surprised!

The instructions are written in a 'this is how to do it step by step' format using easy language with no jargon and starting with the easy techniques first. I also noticed that there was an active support forum available but I seemed to have no need to use it whatsoever.

Having such a great set of directions ( with lots of appropriate, relevant and carefully chosen screenshots) made the whole concept of what to do and how to do it easy to understand and easy to follow.

It made the the whole experience feel totally relaxed and unrushed for me.


Ugo Okonkwo

Mel Lange

Great Spinner!

I recently purchased "TheBestSpinner" and, I have to say, it is a GREAT product!

I have ten blog sites right now and the Spinner saves me a ton of time in preparing posts to all my sites. It's very simple and fast to use.

I highly recommend it to anyone writing articles, blogs or a number of other editing tasks. Thanks Jon!


Mel Lange

Mel Lange

Tommy Wright

New Business Startup...

Thank you for your help in getting my internet affiliate marketing business going.

I struggled for two weeks trying to come up with a good article promoting my product, paleo diet cookbooks.

After I gave Best Spinner a try I published my article that same day!

Thank you for a great product.

Tommy Wright

Martijn Assie

Extremely satisfied with The Best Spinner!

I am using Ultimate Demon for my marketing, which comes with a decent spinner, but not so many synonym words and the workspace is too small.

I decided to try The Best Spinner and I am surprised at quality. Of course I haven't figured out every option yet, but I spun about 5 articles completely in just the first 2 days.

Best Spinner works super fast without any mistake or bugs, and there are so many synonyms in there. Amazing!

The good thing is I can just paste the spun text in my marketing program. Because of the speed and ease of working with The Best Spinner I started spinning keywords, descriptions and titles for bookmarking as well now. I have never done before as it would have been too much work without a good spinner like this.

Martijn Assie

Kevin Lang

Just made my job a little easier...

Thank you Best Spinner for making my job a little easier. We have been writing and re-writing our own content for years and this tool has made our life in the e-commerce world more manageable.

We use this tool to take the manufacturer's descriptions for products and make them unique for our e-commerce site.

I am glad we found this tool and the investment is will worth it.

Kevin Lang

Raj Sharma

Says it all in the name, The Best Spinner rocks!

This is my very first spinner tool to use after a junk free one I tried on-line.

There are so many things you can do with this spinner that you will not find in others out there, even if you look.

Whether you are new or expert, this tool can do it all. I am still learning and each day I use this tool the more I like it.

Great job!

Raj Sharma

Gregory Fields

Unbelievable Tool For Beginning Marketers...

I'm no expert in this internet marketing, but I have to say that The Best Spinner has been my second most used tool so far.

I guess I will start by saying that I'm new to the whole online marketing world (in a few months it will be one year since I started).

Nevertheless in the beginning it was overwhelming the amount of tools and marketing services available. As a rookie I spent perhaps more than what I could afford. After buying at least $400 dollars in tools I only use 5 of them. One of them is The Best Spinner.

My recommendation for all the new marketers is simple, The BEST spinner is an ESSENTIAL tool for internet marketing. Although you might be deciding whether or not to buy this software over another, I will just say that if there is anything you should bother buying, it is this amazing tool.

Gregory Fields

Kyle Kostecki

The Best Spinner Rocks...

I been using The Best Spinner for a few days now and it is one of the best software products I have.

It has really increased my search engine marketing campaigns and I have 12 first page rankings in Google in just the last 3 days!

Kyle Kostecki

Kyle Pearce

One Busy Mortgage Broker!

When you're busy, it can be tough spending adequate time writing a steady flow of new content to attract traffic. The Best Spinner has allowed me to take older content and put a new "spin" on it, quickly and easily!

I'm now doubling the number of posts I make to my site in half the time it usually takes!

Awesome product which I would recommend to anyone!!

Thanks Jon & The Best Spinner!

Kyle Pearce

Kevin Grames

Definitely Worth The Money Spent.

I have to say that this was the best money I have spent in a while.

Makes creating original content easy. Like everyone else, I get tired writing sometimes. I can say that this helps put good content on my site fast and it actually flows very well with very little tweaking.

Thanks for making blogging less of a chore and more enjoyable. Highly recommend this software to anyone who wants to spend less time writing and more time promoting and enjoying interacting with their readers.

Kevin Grames

Niki Taylor

The Name Says it All!

After tons of research on the best spinners currently available, I came to the ultimate conclusion that THE Best Spinner was leaps and bounds above the rest.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned online professional you simply cannot find a more effecient, easy to use program out there.

It takes only minutes and produces a completely spun article ready for submission. I give my highest recommendation for this ultimate tool/product!

Niki Taylor


Simply yet powerful article marketing tool...

Most people are not expert writers. After browsing through so many comments about the best spinner, I decided to give it a try.

I must say it's a simple yet powerful tool for article marketing with an easy to use interface and advanced functions which covers all you needs in one place.

By using the tool, I no longer have to worry about writing articles, unique content...etc. Highly recommend!!


Robert Kempster

The Best Spinner is the Best - No Kidding...

This is the very first time I have ever bought software that does exactly what it promised to do. It has ease of use and is direct enough that you can get it working the same day.

It just gets better the more you use it.

Thanks guys.

Truth is, now I just cannot see how I managed without it.

Great Tool. My current favorite. Robert

Robert Kempster

Alan Palange

Article writer and spinner are well deserving of a compliment...

Until recently. getting content has always been an issue, not to mention the cost.

When I stumbled upon your product I was reserved in what I thought the end product would look like. How would it be possible to have content so readily available and well suited to my needs?

Unlikely, I figured.

So I gave it a whirl and I haven't been the same since. Great job, and thanks for making my job that much easier.


Alan Palange

Alan Palange

Thabo Mmethi

Who Said It's Difficult To Get Traffic? Not With The Best Spinner!

After struggling for a full 5 years to get traffic I found that submitting articles was both enjoyable and easy, but what I did not expect was the amount of traffic I got once I started using The Best Spinner.

Believe it or not, it works wonders!

Thabo Mmethi

Janet Grace A. Ortigas

The Best Spinner is simply awesome!

I've used The Best Spinner for a previous job-related article marketing campaign.

This week I purchased my own copy of the software and was able to explore the technique of using multiple level nested spinning.

Combined with my writing and editing skills, I was able to generate high-quality human readable variations that pass Copyscape. It was awesome!

After just three days, I got 3 more article spinning projects. I will definitely use it for my own SEO and content marketing efforts. I believe this will open more avenues for unlimited income.

Thank you Jonathan.

Janet Grace A. Ortigas

Michael S Carroll

So Cool! No More Fear of Article Failure...

Hi Everyone,

I want to thank all of you associated with "The Best Spinner" and "Instant Article Wizard".

I used my Instant Article Wizard right after it downloaded and I wrote three different article drafts. I then went in and fine tuned all the necessary changes to make the article more interesting and "pop".

I know that it probably took me half an hour and that as I become more familiar with the program it will move along much faster.

Then I signed up for "The Best Spinner" and the only word that comes to my mind is Wow!!!!! As a novice in the internet business, I was really concerned and fearful that I would not be able to write the necessary articles for my blogs and web sites.

My fears are gone and I am no longer concerned about my future writing efforts.

This product is a must have for anyone serious about writing awesome content in a short period of time!!

Thanks Again,

Michael Carroll

Michael S Carroll

Jacqueline Lloyd

If You Need More Content...

I am just starting out with The Best Spinner and after learning the program I have to admit thats its what I've been looking for. This will save me not only time but money.

An absolute must have, especially today when theres so much competition on the internet.

Jacqueline Lloyd

Brent the Slick Marketer

Saving Time Saves me Money and Life...

I love life.

To live life the way I like to live it (extravagantly), I need lots of money. That is why the Best Spinner is what I use for creating content to obtain backlinks.

It's that simple.

The Best Spinner is THE BEST SPINNER!

Oh, you didn't know you needed a spinner? You do if you market online!

Brent the Slick Marketer

John BR

Stop Calling This The Best Spinner!

Yes, stop calling this The Best Spinner because the name doesn't say enough!

It is FAR MORE than just a spinner!

I have seen this from day one and what an evolution it's gone through, and there's no sign of it stopping.

The entry of The Best Spinner into my online life has totally changed the way I work. I am proud to possess this tool and I am doubly proud to show it off to others whenever I have the chance.

It's not just the tool, but also the awesome support behind it which makes it the best of the best.

John BR

Sarah Christensen

Sharing unique party ideas...

As a recreation professional and expert in the white elephant gift exchange party, I am sharing my ideas with as many people as possible. But without a great spinning tool I would go crazy trying to keep up with my goals.

I have developed several variations of fun and unique gift exchange games so I take the how-to articles that I have written and spin them so that they can be shared in many places on the web. It is a snap!

I see the Best Spinner as the simplest way for me to accomplish my objective to be the top search result for white elephant gifts and white elephant gift exchange ideas.

Thank you for developing such a great tool... It is really simple to use and will save me hours of work!

Sarah Christensen

Liviu M

After 1 year of use, The Best Spinner Testimonial...

I usually buy one or two SEO products per month, and after one year of using The Best Spinner I can tell you that The Best Spinner is the best purchase I have made in last 2 years.

The Best Spinner is a must have for any SEO master.

If you are looking for a spinner don't even waste your valuable time testing other solutions: you cannot find a better one than this.

Liviu M

craig hoffmann

Spinning Out Of Control-Best Of The Best...

I love using the Best Spinner, because it is so easy to use and has lots of training and support for you to understand how to use it effectively.

I especially love how you can bulk spin which saves me a heap of time, so I can get my articles in the directories faster. The fact that you can check if your article has a duplicate makes this software so unique, and that's just a couple of things this software can achieve.

I really couldn't go without this software, because it is a real winner in my eyes and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to spin their content.

"Thanks Best Spinner".

craig hoffmann

Ran Diamant

The Best Spinner is the best for me...

I just started using The Best Sinner a few days ago, and I like it very much.

I am doing affiliate marketing so I use article marketing for my SEO, and The Best Sinner saves me tons of time. I need a lot of unique content for uploading to the different article directories, and with The Best Spinner I can easily take one article and spin it to many unique versions.

It even lets me easily compare all the versions so I can make sure they are all unique. The Video Tutorial is excellent and has enabled me to fully control the entire feature set of The Best Sinner in less than a day…

Ran Diamant

Jonas Forsberg

Made hard, boring work a piece of cake!

I used to manually "spin" a few articles, and let me just tell you, that was work! I did it to 2 articles before I was getting crazy and I didn't want to waste my time.

So I got The Best Spinner. And man, what a relief! On the first day I've spun over 20 articles, with just a few minutes of work per article.

So I went from hours per article, to a few minutes per article. That's just brilliant!

Thank you, The Best Spinner, for saving my sanity!

Jonas Forsberg

Adam Stanley

Wow, It's Just Amazing...

I have been using the best spinner for two days now after seeing what it can do through videos on Youtube. I can quite honestly say that the Best Spinner is the most feature rich spinner I have ever used

The Database of words is absolutely incredible and I do not quite think that any other spinner could come anywhere close to this quality.

Spinners I have used in the past have turned out complicated, or you have to spend hours adding your own words to be spun.... Not with the Best Spinner. Creating content is so easy and understandable. When I first set off with article marketing I got bored easily as it was taking too much time to create free fresh content for my site and articles.

With the addition of the Best Spinner I hope to explode my business and start a new site

Adam Stanley

Donald Ray

THE BEST software in it's class!

This program is fantastic. Its many features are wonderful.

There literally is no other software that can match it. And I should know. I've been in the computer business for over 32 years, have owned a vast amount of software, and various computer systems.

Nothing even comes close to "The Best Spinner."

Donald Ray

Rick E. Patterson

Save Time and Money Now!

Thanks to TheBestSpinner, I have saved so much time and money in my writing blogs, articles, and as a result, now I am an official Amazon.com author!

The BestSpinner has given me the power in "wordsmithing" I have always needed. I can change as many words as I desire due to the innovative technology and complete flexibility that I have been seeking after for years!

What used to take me hours of preparation and research now takes me a minimal time and effort!

My clients now enjoy more articles of pertinent information that has been crafted to meet their need for relevant information on home maintenance and repair.

Thanks again to THeBestSpinner ever!

Rick E. Patterson

Tanya Aliza

I Have My Time Back!

I just wanted to quickly stop by and say..."Thanks so Much".

This tool has saved me countless hours in my article/content marketing strategy. Article marketing and content distribution can be a huge daunting task and before 'The Best Spinner' I would seriously spend 30 mins rewriting an article.

Now it takes me 2 minutes! I create at least 1 new piece of content a day and now have an extra 28 minutes per day, which equals 10,220 minutes per year! I average $68/hour that I work on my business and that equals over $11,000/year. This is crazy when we think about it.

Thanks so much for giving me my time back!

Tanya Aliza

Jose Teixeira

The best Spinner on the net...

This is by far the best software at the moment. It's so easy to use and the support team are always ready to help you if you get stuck with anything.

The Best Spinner was and is just what I was looking for.

Thank You and keep up the good work.

Jose Teixeira

Dave Turner

Saving me hundreds!

I used to hire a copy writer, but since I have invested in the Best Spinner I can now create my own copy so quickly that I don't need a writer.

It's saving me hundreds of pounds every month!!

Dave Turner

andrew given

Great start to a new business...

Thank you for this excellent software and service.

As a new business it is so important to get exposure as soon as possible and The Best Spinner has helped immensely with my article distribution.

Thanks for giving me visibility!

andrew given

Paul Fletcher

It Really is the Best Spinner - Period!

I've been using this for the past week and it has saved me both time and money. Before, I had 2 choices; either spend hours writing my own articles or pay someone around $30 to write a single mediocre one for me.

I was recommended "The Best Spinner" and at first I wasn't interested - I'd been burnt before so was not about to squander another $77 on some software that was going to fail more often that not.

However, I changed my mind when watching the video demonstration as, like everything else, it seemed too good to be true. But what convinced me was the $7 trial for 7Days. OK, I thought, I'll give it a go!

To be honest I haven't yet had the time to use all the features The Best Spinner has, but what I can say is that I'm very happy with those I've used so far, and so will definitely be keeping the software and 'using it to death' over the coming weeks.

Even though I've not yet paid the full price of $77, as I'm still within the one week trial period, this software has paid for itself already just by the number of spun articles it's produced so far. Remember... they were costing me $30 each!

I fully recommend anyone who is using article or content marketing to boost their SEO rankings to get to grips with this piece of kit and take it for the 7 day trial, if you don't like it - which is highly unlikely - then don't buy it, simple!

Paul Fletcher

Rob Henson

Major time saver...

I have to say the Best Spinner is by far the best spinning program I've ever used.

It has so many great features that I just haven't found elsewhere. I particularly like the 'auto rewrite' feature - it's saved me days of writing copy!

Rob Henson

Abhinav Sidana

This Tool Is Just Like SuperMan!

I bought this tool a few days ago because one of my friends recommend it to me. I still find it hard to believe how good this is - this is a really super quick "assistant".

Now I can get a lot of spun content in minutes.

If you are thinking of buying The Best Spinner, I'd say go go go and buy it right now !

Abhinav Sidana

Adam Muzyka

The Best Spinner - Really great tool!

Great interface, easy to use and saves a lot of time! It helps to create good quality content.

What is also important is that The Best Spinner is helping to improve my English!

Thanks Jonathan!

Adam Muzyka

Lou Garcia

What a time saver - my staff love this tool...

When I buy a product I am usually skeptical whether it will work. Let me tell you The Best Spinner has exceeded my expectations. It is very user friendly. I did not even have to read the manual to launch my first Spin. (Although you should because there is a lot more you can do with it when you do.)

On our first use of the Best Spinner, it was like finding and unlocking a treasure. My office staff gathered around this tool when we first used it and said "wow look what this!" and "man, this is going to save us tons of time."

When building your SEO you have to stay ahead of the Major Search Engines. With The Best Spinner in our arsenal, we feel confident in our efforts.

I would recommend this to anybody who is serious about their own SEO efforts.

Lou Garcia

Web Design Glasgow

Multiple versions of same text - in a few clicks...

I use several products by Jonathan. And hence, a year ago, I decided to give The Best Spinner a go.

I am still using The Best Spinner regularly!

Its a fantastic product - really well thought out and well made.

You can now even generate text, spin it and post it to your blog from within The Best Spinner. Really good product.

Ashish - Web Design Glasgow.

Web Design Glasgow

Dr. Joel C. Brothers

Great Program...

I am a professional writer, specializing in SEO articles. This program has sped up the process so much, that it almost doesn't seem right taking money for the jobs, now.

It used to take several hours, to several days, to do spins on articles manually. Now it takes less than 1/2 an hour to generate hundreds of different articles from one master article. And in my business, time is money.

Thanks Best Spinner,for a great tool.

Dr. Joel C. Brothers

Eddie & Bola Iduoze

Very Clever Tool!

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU!!

This product actually delivered on its name. It has taken a load of weight off our Article Marketing strategy. It is so cool seeing the variations of alternative phrases and words.

We do not only get new articles every time we 'spin', but we also improve our English language in the process as well. This is really nice since we live in England.

If any one is still thinking about getting this product, stop thinking. You will not be disappointed.

Eddie & Bola Iduoze

Mark Salmon

Is it really 'The Best Spinner'?

I've tried a few spinners before and usually had to spend a lot of time correcting the grammatical errors. However, the synonyms within The Best Spinner are really, really good so that you can easily create unique article after unique article and they all read extremely well.

There is huge functionality within The Best Spinner and you need to watch the short training videos to appreciate the full power of this tool.

Overall, I am delighted with my purchase because I know it's the last spinner I will need to buy because it really is 'The Best Spinner'.

Mark Salmon

Hayward Rodgers

Worth Every Dollar... And Then Some!

With so many software titles out there over promising and under delivering, it's a pleasant surprise to see a program that performs above and beyond.

The Best Spinner gives me the ability to produce fresh, informative, and unique articles for my web site on a daily basis.

I've only used The Best Spinner for a little over a week and it has already paid for itself.

If you are in need of a program that will help you create quality content that the search engines love, then The Best Spinner is for you!

Hayward Rodgers

Colin Armour

The Best Spinner - Simply The Best Solution...

Having been around the block and back in the article creation world, it is with relief that I stumbled upon The Best Spinner.

It is like having a push button device that spits out new, unique articles for my SEO efforts.

This is so much cheaper and not to mention more effective than manually re-purposing the work by hand.

The Best spinners shoots and scores for SEO Success!

Colin Armour

Ernie Meyer

With Multiple Business models, "The Best Spinner" is a time saver!

As the creator of Chirpchirp, the road safety game, and engaging in my blogging and promoting of this and my network marketing businesses, I have found it much easier to create more content, because this "Best Spinner" frees up so much time for me.

Don't wait another day. Buy it now!

Ernie Meyer

Joseph Peterson

The Best Article Spinner Ever.

This is the Best Spinner I have ever used.

It is very easy to work with and for someone who doesn't like creating their own articles, this program is the best.

I love it.

Joseph Peterson

Blanton Beathea


I have been debating for about a month whether to get the best spinner or not.

I hate writing articles, so I figured this would help me make my content unique. I have heard so many testimonials on this product I decided to give it a try.

I am so impressed!! This product is so easy to use and the videos were so easy to follow! I am very pleased.

Blanton Beathea

dave litten

Copying My Own articles - Spun To Perfection!

Hi Jonathan,

Get this, I created some 80 articles for my specialist project management niche called PRINCE2, and spent months putting them up on my main website that sold many of my products. Fine and Dandy.

But then I launched my own website for PRINCE2 and started removing each article from my main site on a daily basis, and cut/pasting them onto my new site.

But Google still didn't love me until I found out that Google would see those re-pasted articles as copies, even though I had removed them from my original main site. Ouch.

Then I had The Best Spinner recommended, and since starting to spin my cut/pasted articles, traffic and sales have tripled!

If you weren't 40 years too late, I'd name my first-born after you - Thanks a million Jonathan!


dave litten

J. Duncan McNeill

Thank You Spinner...

Jonathan, your spinner is just amazing.

I can't believe how many synonyms you have managed to place in the thesaurus, and how much of the work is done automatically.

Thank you, The Best Spinner is making a huge difference to the rankings of my website.

J. Duncan McNeill

James Eyre

Really is the Best Spinner!!

I have tried a few different article spinners and found nothing that really impressed me.

Most of them are difficult to use and come with nil support. After the first time I used The Best Spinner I realised this was exactly what we have been looking for and is the perfect tool for easily creating spun articles!

Great work guys!!

James Eyre

Keith and Donna Copeland

The Best Spinner has the perfect name!

We are really pretty good at writing articles, but the volume of articles we need is tremendous. The Best Spinner makes our article marketing and backlinking strategies super fast.

It is like having a team of outsourcers creating content for us, for fractions of a penny per article!

The cost effectiveness and the flexible and dynamic tools take a tedious and time consuming task, that is a critical factor in our business success, and actually makes it kind if fun.

Thanks for the cheap "outsourcing".

Keith and Donna Copeland

Keith and Donna Copeland

Stephen J Bubb Sr

The simplicity of the best spinner...

Simple. Why? Because you guys have a great tutorial on how to use the best spinner and even though I am new at article writing I am so excited because I know that by getting hundreds of articles out on the web, with the help of the best spinner, I will get some great links to my web site.

Looking forward to a great future with you.

Thanks again for providing a great tool to reach out to others with.

Stephen J Bubb Sr

Avery J. Parker

Aptly Named - The Best...

For a long time I've been skeptical of spinners, preferring to do complete manual rewrites. I've seen articles run through bad spinning and it was just painful to read through. Done correctly though, The Best Spinner can produce results that are very impressive!

In the short time I've been using it, I can see how this can leverage limited time for good results in article marketing. It's a well designed application that is well worth the money.

Avery J. Parker

Daniel M. Wood

Makes my job easy...


I recently purchased The Best Spinner and have used it to increase my article marketing reach. It has worked wonders and made the job of writing and submitting articles an easy task that no longer needs to be outsourced.

The results are very promising and I look forward to integrating this program into my marketing plans.

Kind Regards Daniel Wood

Daniel M. Wood

Eugene Myers

It's called "The Best Spinner" for a reason...

Hi, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I love your program.

In the past if I needed to spin an article it would take a couple hours, a thesaurus and a pot of coffee. Now I can knock out an article in 10-15 minutes, with the option of re-spinning it several times for additional submissions.

With so much emphasis being placed on content quality, this program is a real gem. It's so much easier to get back-links when your site looks professional and has good content.

Your program's easy to use interface is very intuitive and I was able to start spinning articles after only a few minutes. Thanks again for your great program, and much continued success.

Eugene Myers

Eugene Myers

Randy Fogg

My new Favorite Tool!

Jonathan, this by far is the best tool I have ever used for my article marketing efforts, and I have been at this for a while.

What you have produced here is pure genius. Thank you very much!

Randy Fogg

Randy Fogg

Sherry Dodson

Brilliant Software for those who hate to write...


I am so impressed by your software. Before I purchased The Best Spinner, I checked out SpinnerChief and AMR since yours and these are the most talked about online.

When I tested your software, I told myself "This is IT!!"

It's what I have been looking for, for a long time. I found your software to be extremely easy to use. No need to read any manual ( just look through the icons and press a few buttons to try out what it would do ).

The output documents sound very natural. I love the 'paragraph', 'sentence' and the 'auto rewrite feature very much. They save me tons of time. The Best Spinner is a life-saver for those who hate to write but must do so to gain the precious links.

I highly recommend this tool and I can't wait to try out your next product.


Sherry Dodson

Abdurrachman Shiddieq

Should I Buy This Tool?

Yeah, that's the thought I had before I bought this tool.

To convince myself I started looking for other peoples' reviews about this tool, and it works. After I bought this tool I was so impressed the moment I started using it. Though it needs meticulous selection of synonyms, which can be time consuming at the beginning, the outcome is amazing. It is so simple to use.

The important thing is, this tool can save my time. It helped me to create heaps of 100% unique articles just from 1 source article.

I don't care about the price, for me this tool is such a STEAL! :)

Abdurrachman Shiddieq

Matthew De Feo

Great For Businesses...

I had a difficult time believing that a Spinner would actually help my business and create more content for it to move up in the rank of Google - however I was WRONG!

Little did I realize that having The Best Spinner not only helped me create a better more punctual article but it also provided me with at least 15-20 articles from one that I had personally written. Mix that with submitting them (either manually or buying a separate program) to article directories and you have one powerful tool.

If I were to do it all over again... I wouldn't have waited.

Matthew De Feo




Purchase Your Access Now For Only $47 /year

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You have a full 30 days to try out The Best Spinner and see if it does all that we've promised it does. If it doesn't, just let us know in what way it's failed to fulfill any of those promises and we'll refund your last payment -- guaranteed! Get your copy now!

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